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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts serves as the administrator for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Lay Health Plans. The RCAB Health Benefit Trust offers the choice of three Health Plan options: an Enhanced, Basic, and High Deductible Health Plans. The following documents provide more information about the options:

Telehealth Benefits Available -- Well Connection
Employees and family members enrolled in one of the RCAB Health Plans can visit doctors and other providers, using a laptop, smartphone or other device with a camera, microphones, and speakers by accessing Well Connection in their MyBlue account.

Information on Financial Impact for Employees
Information about out-of-pocket costs under the Enhanced, Basic, and High Deductible Health Plans is available at the links below.

Enhanced, Basic, and High Deductible Health Plan Coverage
The Enhanced, Basic, and High Deductible Health Plans use the same Blue Cross network. To see if a doctor, hospital or provider is in-network, or to find a new one, employees can visit https://member.bluecrossma.com/fad tool to search by name, hospital, or specialty.  Choose "PPO or EPO" from the network drop-down menu.  A Guide to finding a provider in the PPO network is here: www.catholicbenefits.org/newplans/findaprovider.pdf

Transparency in Coverage Requirement
As mandated by the federal Transparency In Coverage Rule, the RCAB Health Benefit Trust is making available to enrolled employees and the public the claim costs Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts paid to in-network providers for the RCAB Health Plans’ medical services.  Data is also being made available detailing the out-of-network allowed amounts (i.e., the fees covered and/or services provided by out-of-network providers) and the associated billed charges.  This data is accessible at https://transparency-in-coverage.bluecrossma.com in the form of machine-readable files. 

Unfortunately, most people will be unable to download and read the files because certain technical system requirements must be in place in order to download and read these files.  To access the machine-readable files, for File, select Self-Insured TOC.  For Plan Type, select EIN and enter Employer Identification Number 550813177.  Filter the files by selecting the product type - Preferred Provider Organization.  Select Download.  The best way to view the cost of medical services covered by the RCAB Health Plans is to access the Blue Cross Blue Shield cost estimation tool in MyBlue found at https://member.bluecrossma.com/fad.

Benefit Programs Offered to Eligible Employees and Dependents Enrolled in the RCAB Health Plans
The RCAB Health Benefit Trust offers programs designed to address weight management and prediabetes, diabetes, and mental health.  In addition, employees and their dependents enrolled in the RCAB Health Plans may participate in an incentive program that rewards them for comparison “shopping” for in-network medical care at quality, lower-cost providers.  Learn more about these programs below:

Vision Care with Blue Cross
The Enhanced, Basic, and High Deductible Health Plans offer a no-cost annual eye exam as long as members use a Blue Cross in-network vision provider. In addition, Blue Cross offers discounts on lenses, frames and services such as Lasik through its Blue365 program.

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