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Eating on the Go
Thursday, June 3rd @ 12:15pm

Learn how to make healthy choices while you eat on-the-go! Participants will learn tips for making better food choices when pressed for time, including healthier fast-food choices, food substitutions and modifications to heavier foods to make them “light,” and healthy snacks.

Hidden Causes of Health Issues with Anne from Health and Harmony
Thursday, June 10th @ 5pm

In this webinar, we will focus on common health problems such as hypertension, blood sugar imbalances, arthritis, fatigue, and weight gain. You will learn more about the hidden causes behind some of the most common health complaints and find natural ways to improve your symptoms.

Postural Improvement Class with James Parker-Ashley
Monday, June 14th @ 5pm

After sitting and standing for prolonged periods of time, our posture can suffer, leading to muscle soreness, stiffness, back pain, and injury. Join James for a fitness class focusing on easy exercises to improve your posture at home or at your desk.

Nutrition for Kids & Family Meal Planning
Tuesday, June 22nd @ 12:15pm

Participants will learn about the problems associated with childhood obesity and how to combat obesity through proper nutrition. Topics for discussion include information on the USDA nutrient requirements for children/teens and how to apply healthy lifestyle strategies to improve overall wellness.

Previously Recorded Webinars
For more information about important topics, review one of our previously recorded webinars:


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You have a reduced copay at MinuteClinic, where you can get affordable and skilled medical care, 7 days a week, at selected CVS locations. No appointment is necessary, and most visits take about 15 minutes, compared to an average ER visit of more than four hours.

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