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Create Mental Wellbeing with Everyday Mindfulness Practices
Cheryl Jones from The Mindful Movement introduces you to new wellbeing skills to reduce stress and build resilience through mindfulness. Explore easy-to-implement ways to incorporate mindful awareness into your day and feel empowered with actionable steps.
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Mindful Eating: Vitamin M!
Thursday, October 7th @ 6pm
Gain a clearer understanding of what determines eating habits. You will learn practical tools and strategies to change the way you look at food and make smarter, healthier, more mindful, and enjoyable food choices. The program includes an interactive activity (how to eat a piece of chocolate).

Manage Your Stress for Optimal Living
Tuesday, October 12th @ 11:30am
Stress can affect our lives in many ways: eating patterns, digestion, mood, sleep patterns, energy level and immunity to disease. Learn about the various types of stress, how to manage it, and how to restore your body’s sense of balance.

Rev Up Your Rem: Improving Sleep Hygiene
Wednesday, October 20th at 5:30pm
Trouble with your ZZZ’s? Anxiety and other stressors can affect your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Learn about the importance of practicing good sleep hygiene using a variety of different practices. The webinar includes various tips to make sure you get enough ZZZs.

Previously Recorded Webinars
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You have a reduced copay at MinuteClinic, where you can get affordable and skilled medical care, 7 days a week, at selected CVS locations. No appointment is necessary, and most visits take about 15 minutes, compared to an average ER visit of more than four hours.

For a location near you, visit: www.minuteclinic.com
or call 866.389.ASAP(2727).


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