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  Natural Family Planning (NFP) –
Local and National Resources

NFP, or natural family planning, is an umbrella for certain methods used to achieve or avoid pregnancy. These methods are based on the observation and interpretation of the naturally occurring biological markers of the fertile and infertile phases of a woman's menstrual cycle. NFP is distinct from calendar rhythm, is applicable to all women, and can be used at any stage of a woman's reproductive life.

What is Natural Family Planning? from Archdiocese of Boston on Vimeo.

What NFP services are covered under the RCAB Health Plans?

The RCAB Health Plans cover family planning services provided by a community health center, general hospital, physician, nurse practitioner, or nurse midwife. Covered services include:

  • Medical exams for NFP;
  • Counseling and instruction in NFP to avoid pregnancy; and
  • Procreative counseling and advice using NFP.

An in-netowrk provider claim submitted by an employee/spouse/dependent enrolled in the RCAB Health Plan is processed in the same manner as any other in-network provider claim. Payment would not be required up front for this service. If service is with an out-of-network provider, the employee/spouse/dependent may be required to pay up fron and submit a claim to Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA with itemized receipts for reimbursement.

What are some types of products that can be purchased with HRA or HSA dollars?

  • Fertility monitor
  • Fertility test sticks
  • Ovulation predictor kit
  • Prenatal vitamins recommended by a medical practitioner

See a more comprehensive list of IRS-eligible medical expenses.

Natural Family Planning Resources

You also may purchase an official Fertility Awareness Booklet.

Natural Family Planning Webinars






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