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The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston (RCAB) Pension Plan transferred to PenChecks Trust Company of America (PenChecks) the process of monthly Pension Plan payments, including both direct deposit and live checks. This change took effect August 1, 2019.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Penchecks Trust is the primary contact for most retiree issues, effective August 1, 2019. Penchecks can be reached at (800) 541-3938 or recurringbenefits@penchecks.com.

To update your contact information with the Benefits Office, please complete the RCAB Pension Plan Participant Update Form.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
For security reasons, please do not e-mail forms with Social Security Numbers or banking information.

How do I update the tax withholdings for my pension benefit?
PenChecks must receive the following form, completed and signed, to update withholdings going forward:

How can I request a copy of my 1099R Form?
PenChecks will automatically mail Form 1099R to each retiree no later than January 31 each year. To request an additional copy, please contact PenChecks at (800) 541-3938, or recurringbenefits@penchecks.com.

To request a copy of a 1099R Form from State Street Retiree Services for 2019 and prior, please contact the RCAB Benefits Office at (617) 746-5640 or benefits@rcab.org.

How do I update my address for my pension benefit, including for the mailing of the 1099R form?
PenChecks will accept address changes via telephone – (800) 541-3938 or recurringbenefits@penchecks.com - or in writing. Please complete the form below and return to PenChecks if written communication is preferred.

How do I enroll in Direct Deposit for my monthly pension payments?
Please complete the following form and return to the PenChecks with a copy of a voided check, if applicable:

How do I disenroll in direct deposit and begin receiving live checks for my monthly pension payments?
Please contact PenChecks at (800) 541-3938, or recurringbenefits@penchecks.com for information on this process

How do I change the bank account information for the direct deposit of my monthly pension payments?
Please complete the following form and return to the Benefits Office with a copy of a voided check, if applicable. This information will replace the current direct deposit information for your monthly pension payments. Forms must be received by the 10th of the month to be processed for the following month's check run.

I have elected direct deposit of my pension payments. When will my direct deposit be processed each month?
The payment processing date is generally the first of each month with a few exceptions.

How do I update the beneficiary for my RCAB Pension Plan death benefit?
Please call MetLife Insurance Company at (866) 492-6983 to make an update. 

How do I report the death of a retiree?
Please contact the Benefits Office at 617-746-5640 or benefits@rcab.org to report a death, stop monthly pension payments, begin spouse payments (if applicable) and begin the process of payment for a death benefit. MetLife handles the payment process of death benefits, so after contacting the Benefits Office, please call (866) 492-6983 to file a claim for a death benefit.

I am a current retiree but will be returning to work at an RCAB location working 20+ hours per week. Should I notify the Benefits Office?
Yes, please notify the Benefits Office as soon as possible if you plan to return to work for an RCAB location. Monthly benefit payments may be affected by this.

All inquiries regarding monthly Pension Plan payments should be directed to PenChecks. PenChecks is available to assist you from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday:

Phone: 800-541-3938
Email: recurringbenefits@penchecks.com

Fax: 619-567-8084


Interested in updating your direct deposit or tax withholdings? Do you have a change of address? Contact PenChecks at (800) 541-3938 or recurringbenefits

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