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Below you will find inormative webinars. Some of the webinars are designed specifically for administrators, while most others are for all employees.

Open Enrollment 2022 Webinars
Get information about Open Enrollment by attending one of the following webinars:

Thursday, May 19 9:30 am Attend
Monday, May 23 11:30 am Attend
Wednesday, May 25 7:00 pm Attend
Thursday, June 2 10:00 am Attend
Monday, June 6 3:00 pm Attend
Thursday, June 9 6:00 pm Attend

The RCAB High Deductible Health Plan Webinars
Get information about the RCAB HDHP by attending one of the following webinars.

Tuesday, May 24 4:00 pm Attend
Tuesday, June 7 2:00 pm Attend

Webinars for Employees
Register now for the following webinars:

NFP Webinar: All Things NFP Q&A
Available Anytime
Six Natural Family Planning experts answer questions regarding NFP methods, reproductive disorders, effectiveness, conceiving, and more!
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Women’s Health: From Life Balance to Hormone Balance
Thursday, April 7th @5pm
Women are busy in today’s world. Trying to do it all can naturally impact health and well-being. Webinar participants will learn how to bring balance, health, and happiness back into their lives through mindfulness and optimal nutrition.

James Parker-Ashley Fitness Class
Tuesday, April 12th @ 6:30pm
Grab your fitness mat and join James for a class that is designed to improve your flexibility and build strength, control, and endurance. All levels are welcome. You won’t want to miss this one!

The Power of the Plant-Based Diet
Tuesday, April 26th @ 6pm
This class is not about turning participants into vegetarians, but to educate them about the powers in plants: fiber, antioxidants, and phytochemicals to name a few. Come learn about the benefits of a plant-based diet, as well as creative ways to build it into your everyday lives.

Previously Recorded Webinars
For more information about important topics, review one of our previously recorded webinars:

For Employees

For Administrators






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